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Villa Melzi d'Eril

Magnificent architecture, designed by Giocondo Albertolli, built in 1808 for the Duke Francesco Melzi D'Eril, assistant of Napoleon as summer residence.

The inside (which cannot be visited , it is Family Gallarati Scotti’ residence) is embellished by frescos, paintings collections, sculptures and furniture. At the first floor a beautiful Giuseppe Bossi painting with some stuccoes of Albertolli. In the library there are a lot of ancient books and prints.

Villa Melzi had guests like Eugenio Beauharnais,Francis I of Austria, Sthendal and Listz, notorious figures from the world of culture and politics. Next to the main building a pavillion has been turned as a museum with archeological collections, paintings and Melzi family memories from the past.At the southern edge of the park there is the family chapel drawed by Albertolli too. The museum, the chapel and the fantastic garden of Villa Melzi are opened from march till october paying an entrance ticket.

The Museum

It contains eterogenous archeological materials, not always authentic, materiali archeologici eterogenei, non sempre autentici, and some detached frescos.A neoclassical copy of a greek marble, representing "Atena head", is placed along villa's southern side.

The Chapel Melzi

At the south extremity of the park, you can find the Chapel designed by Albertolli, where the funeral monuments of Francesco Melzi and of Ludovico Melzi are preserved.

The Garden

The Japanese garden, the monument to Dante and Beatrice of G.B. Comolli are in front of the Villa and the flight of steps of the Azaleas are in front of the Villa, with its semicircular terrace which communicates with the lake through a system of stairs.
Many interesting sculptures in the most splendid park, where stupendous groups of azaleas and rhododendrons alternate.

On the left of the entrance, in the cave, there is an Etruscan cinerary urn of the III century B.C., which comes from the graves of the Scipioni in Rome; later-on, by the small lake of the Nimphaeas, two Egyptian sculptures of the XVII and XIX dynasty which represent the lioness goddess Sekhmet made of basalt and a statue-cube.

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